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Leadership is an important pillar in everyone's life and in any organisation. "Home is the first school and Mother is the first teacher". This is applicable for leadership too. We incorporate lots of beliefs during our childhood. These beliefs becomes the foundation of who we are and what we do. Leadership coaching would help individual to transform their personal life, make a great impact in their professional life and most importantly It will enable them to lead a happy sustainable life. Technology has evolved, we all have gone thru so many challenges. We can do better. Growing leadership skills and critical thinking capabilities helps us to grow as a person and hence makes an impact in our personal and professional life. Having effective leaders helps an organisation to overcome all possible scenarios. This enables organisation to improve profits and scale their business. We at Riga Business Coaching help leaders and coach them to be the best version of themselves. We achieve this thru 1) Industry standard, scientifically proven instruments like EDISC, Reform 360 (QaizenX) etc 2) We believe in "Transformational coaching" . Using NLP, Meta Dynamics techniques we achieve transformation during our sessions. 3) We bank our coaching with benchmarking. Benchmarking helps us to monitor our growth and hence we can observe tangible results. We benchmark almost everything we do. 4) Empowering a leader - This is key in our coaching business. We empower leaders so that they can empower their team members and keep the momentum going. This is scalability. We offer 2 types of leadership coaching. 1) 1:1 2) Group team workshops Why think, just book a free session and we will be there for you

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