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Sesh VS

My Story

It all started at the age of 8. I started journey in "Public Speaking".

"Public Speaking", "Presentations", "Seminars" became my DNA and passion.  I started teaching and helping my friends and school mates at early days.

At Grade 10,

⭐ I won "Best Student Award"

⭐ Represented school in "State Level Science Exhibition".

⭐ Won several awards and my love towards coaching and teaching increased exponentially. 

In University

🤖 I completed my First Robotic project named "VALCOBOT"

🥇  Was awarded "Gold Medal" from EX-PM of India. 


I started my professional life at "Motorola" in 2005. I worked for several organisations including "Cisco", "Sonus Networks" etc. In 2014 we moved to Melbourne, Australia and worked with organisations like "IRESS", "JT-Group" . I became "Technology Enthusiast". 


However I had a calling in 2016 and was not happy - I calls it as "Search for real WHY, real purpose of life"

With help of friends I started my first company "Off on labs India Private limited" in 2016.  I moved from Offon labs to start first company in Australia. Thus the birth of "Riga Business Coaching".

✔️ Being a Coach we coach business and people to live their dreams.

✔️ Being an Engineer It's easy to analyse, find solutions and consult business.

✔️ Being a technology enthusiast we help businesses to navigate technology hurdles.

So "Riga Business Coaching" is a synergy of

Coaching | Consulting | technology

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Our Vision

Empower business owners to increase profits, build a scalable business with a clear direction, focus and achieve quantifiable success in all areas of the business. 

Our Mission

To respect, listen to, support, inspire and motivate clients to excel in all areas. To guide them towards creative solutions that will enable them to move positively forward. To bring clarity to priorities , strategies and opportunities within their business or role to help them achieve the exceptional results they desire

Our Values

  • Together we win

  • Leadership

  • Creativity 

  • Curiosity

  • Clarity

  • Honesty

  • Kindness